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Installation and Field Service department of CJSC Iskra-Enegetika was established on October 9, 1998 with two people on staff - head of department and chief installation and field service specialist.  In the course of the department structure development, definition of targets and objectives of its activities experience of similar departments of the following leading Perm companies had been studied: Perm Engine Company, Aviadvigatel, NPO Iskra, and STAR.

With the company and backlog for power unit delivery growth range of the department tasks significantly extended with subsequent staffing of specialists with long field experience in equipment incorporated into gas turbine power plants (or their equivalents).  In 2000 the department eventually developed into Installation and Field Service division. During 2002-2003 due to growing number of projects serviced, the division workload increased dramatically. The division organization chart was optimized as to its structure, headcount, and available equipment. Until recently Installation and Field Service division was one of the key Iskra-Energetika's divisions capable to independently resolve any issues related to installation and field service.

At the moment this business division in full force (60 people) has separated into an independent company TurboEnergy & Service, Ltd., which was established on 02/07/2007 and incorporated into EM-TEKHNO Holding.  As of 01/04/288 TurboEnergy & Service, Ltd. headcount is 70 people.

TurboEnergy & Service, Ltd. has several divisions: 

  • Technical support division composed of process equipment, I&C, electrical equipment departments, diagnostic  laboratory, and logistics bureau
  • Installation and pre-commissioning division
  • Maintenance division
  • Financial and economic department.

TurboEnergy & Service, Ltd. has all equipment required to perform installation, pre-commissioning, warranty and after-warranty servicing, including performance of required oil analysis and equipment troubleshooting at field (visual and optical inspection of engine gas and air duct, vibration monitoring, etc.).

TurboEnergy & Service, Ltd. is:
  • A team of professionals with enormous field experience
  • A team of highly-qualified specialists with education in required fields
  • Many year's experience in all areas of the company activities
  • All required licenses and certificates 
  • Continuous and directive training in new equipment and processes.

Our address

1a Pisaryev Street
Perm, Perm Region
Russia, 614030
Tel.: +7 (342) 273-17-20
Fax: +7 (342) 274-67-38
E-mal: info@turboenergy.ru